Time Squad: Alpha Strike!

Fight aliens in solar system, earth orbit and ground. Save occupied Earth and defeat alien's ground forces. 


It's the 21st century and an elite squadron of advanced combat earth spaceships are coming back through space and time in order to rescue Earth from a catastrophic alien invasion. This elite squadron will try to penetrate the alien defences in our solar system and on earth's orbit. If this happens an alpha strike against alien ground forces ...will be possible.

The player pilots one of the front-end spacecrafts in three different vast settings: solar system, earth's orbit and finally in a ground attack against aliens.

The player may encounter alien spaceships, mines, turrets in earth's orbit, missiles, even earth military assets (like tanks, stealth jets or air-defences) all captured by aliens during invasion. You will fight in our solar system, on earth's orbit and ground. You will encounter stealth spacecrafts and camouflaged ground forces. Share your success with friends in the Game Center leaderboard!


  • Touch screen to move and fire your lasers.
  • Collect crystals to change your spacecraft or unlock levels.
  • Collect shields to temporarily protect your spacecraft.
  • Find hidden power-ups in destroyed alien military assets.

In order to proceed to Orbit Attack you must first complete the Solar Attack. The ground assault is endless and you can try and reach top High Scores.


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